Mints App 2.0 Software Review

Mints App 2.0 Software Review

The most important thing to any online marketer or entrepreneur is traffic. When your business is starved of customers, your success, automatically, is short-circuited! You can’t make sales and your days in business are numbered.

To be successful online, therefore, you need a way to drive traffic in large numbers and also be able to convert them.

One product many informed marketers are using today is the Mints App created by Precious Ngwu and shall be the focus of this review.

I am sure there are hordes of reviews and promotion on this app, but I want to do this review because of my interest in celebrating people of rare skills and ingenuity, and that is where Precious Ngwu the creator comes into the picture. This review, therefore, will talk more about the creator to build your trust for Mints App. Why do you need to know about the creator is because many scams exist online today that make most internet marketers jittery of what product to trust, but after reading this review, you should know why Mints App by Precious Ng is the right investment in you online business.


Who is Precious Ngwu?

Precious NG as many would call him is a success story in digital marketing. His desire to get rich, like many other online marketers, became a reality due to his dogged commitment to make a breakthrough using his talent to unlock the code of online marketing. His passion for success has helped so many others become successful, and one of his many internet marketing products is Mints App, the subject of this review.


Liken they do with most successful people; Precious Ngwu’s name has been dragged through the mud several times by people who see no good in successful people. Until I tried this product, I was almost making the mistake of going with the crowd thinking he is a scammer as you may have seen in your searches online.


However, what stands Precious Ngwu apart from other is his belief in making others rich by producing products that not only show his skills and knowledge in online marketing but one that help other marketers achieve the much-desired success in autopilot. Why I like his method of product creation is that he makes it something that continues to give you the money even while you are sleeping. That, in my opinion, is the key to success online. Until you have an autopilot system that works independent of you, your journey to breakthrough is still far ahead.


What does Mints App do?

Mints App is a cloud based app helping to build amazing interactive polls and ratings fast! No internet marketer wants to joke with their target market but having a robust engagement can be a big challenge in today’s online client’s prospecting. But Precious Ng Mints App has blazed the trail by providing you with the only product that helps you to drive incredible traffic, get more leads, and make more conversion and great sales.


Mints App gives marketers the tool to grow their businesses, increase audience engagement and build tons of leads in minutes. You get to achieve more results faster than you have ever done your entire life in online business. It is a customer driven funnel system that solves your most challenging problem in online marketing – traffic generation and conversion.



Features of Mints App

The quality of any product is in its features; you will find Mints App features so richly packed that help you unleash great internet marketing ability. The best way to appreciate the features is to use the app and see how it will quadruple your marketing efforts with fantastic results. Here are a few features:

  • Binary campaign. Helps you to know what your target audience wants and deliver to them promptly. Whatever you sell, Mints App is akin to an Oracle that reveals who needs what you do and present to them like reading their minds. Nothing pays better in marketing like offering the right product to the right people.
  • Multi-Mints Campaign. It empowers you to up your game in audience engagement. Internet marketers need a way to stay in touch and interact with their audience and mints enables you to have robust and fruitful interactions.
  • Audience ratings. Nothing suits a marketer better than knowing how they perform in the field of marketing. To have a system that shows you how your audience rates you helps you wondering if you are on course or not.
  • Audience redirecting. Website owners understand what it means for their visitors to find the right page. It’s like presenting orange to a prospect who needs orange that means your chances of selling it higher. One of Mints app feature is audience redirect that takes them to what they need.
  • Opt-in and Lead Capture forms. Building your email marketing is essential for targeted marketing. Mints App helps you to enrich your pool of contact by collecting highly targeted prospects among your audience instantly. This feature allows you to build your email list with ease.
  • Viral share and social traffic. To drive more organic customers, you need your content out there like healthy worms without restrictions. Mints App gives you increased chances of making your content go viral and build impressive social traffic that pay you big.
  • Coupons, discounts, and banners. In his era of loyalty as a way of making your customers stay with you; it is important to have a way to compensate your customers for their patronage. Mints App has a powerful feature that helps you plan your discount, coupon, and banners to entice customers and build loyalty with pride.


Who needs Precious Ngwu Mints App?

If you are selling online and want to make it easy to achieve your sales projection, using Mints App will unleash the possibility for you. Mints App is also for anyone wanting a sure fire online business and if this is you, subscribe to its affiliate offer and start making money from the proven system.


Final verdict

In conclusion, I have seen many systems with hypes and failed woefully during the trial run. Since Mints App 1.0 was released, the success achieved resulted in an updated version 2.0. The good news is that scam products do not have version 2.


If Mints App survived version one and its version 2 is doing amazingly well, you need to give this product a try. Therefore, I want to recommend Mints App by Precious Ngwu for your online business.

6 thoughts on “Mints App 2.0 Software Review”

  1. Mints App contributes much to get expected results from digital marketing campaigns. Version 2 is even better if we compare it version 1.

  2. This is a MUST have app for online businesses. For us, it is working exceptionally well. There is a reasonable boost in our sales since we stated using it.

  3. Perfect for audience engagement!! This app provided us a platform for real time interaction with our customers and this helps our support staff to adjust customer feedback as soon as we notice it. Wonderful!!

  4. Highly recommended to those businesses who want to spread their brand related awareness through viral social media. Reach millions of perspective customers within shortest possible span.

  5. Mints App really does work!! After integrating it with my website, I had to hire more sales support staff because of enormous increase in product related queries. Our sales are increasing with each passing day.

  6. Mints App has taken marketing reigns from us and I couldn’t be happier! The results are astonishing and our revenues increased massively. Thank you Mr. Precious!!!

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